Don't forget that our book borrowing has started in the nursery.Sharing a book together is so important for young children's development.
Borrow one, bring it back and swap for a new one. Enjoy!


Hello everyone and welcome back after the summer. We hope you have all had a wonderful break in the glorious sunshine. We are looking forward to the term ahead in nursery with lots of exciting things happening this term.

We have already started thinking about Red Riding Hood and that Big Bad Wolf. There are story sheets for you to take home in the lobby. Please help yourself and take one home to share with your child

We will still go to the school hall for dance and have stories in the school library on Wednesdays.

Plus, we will continue to go up to Forest on Thursdays so remember your wellies!

We are looking forward to lots of fun and learning with your children over the next few weeks. Don't forget to check the website and the Dojo page for the latest updates.

And, as ever, any questions or worries, please come and find your child's key person or Sally Davies or Julie Packer. We are always here to help.

Our study of the local cat that comes into our garden is really gathering pace. Children want to see it, capture a photo on the ipad and draw it. We used large paper and markers but have developed our drawings onto canvases. We have used water colours to colour fill and have framed some of our favourites. Why not pop into the nursery to look at our work? You never know, you might see the cat!
We are talking about the story of Rosie's Walk. We are sequencing the events, re-telling and predicting what might happen next to Rosie.  We are beginning to make our own story maps that we can talk about at group time. All the time we are keeping our eye out for that pesky fox!
Very often we share our practice with other teachers and early years professionals across the city. We have been talking about the Oracy project and how we support early language in the nursery. As you know, we work hard to create an environment that supports your child’s language development. Here are som Epcot’s of what we are setting up at the moment.
The children have been exploring measurement and the concept of length. They are building up, creating high towers and stacking boxes. We have decided to link their ideas to the traditional story of Jack and the beanstalk . There are story cards and rhyme ideas in the lobby for you to retell at home. I wonder what Jack will find?
We are thinking about how we make all the children and their families feel welcome in our setting. Not just inside but as they arrive too. We are hoping this supports family life and reaches into our community through the work we do.
All ready for our stay and play session with  families. Our focus is not just reading, but story and rhymes too. Lots to share with the children today.
Curriculum Newsletters
Woodfield Nursery is going bare foot - Please read the attached document below.