Welcome back to Foundation! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and new year. Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Hodgkins continue to be the class teachers, with Mrs Butterworth, Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Hercus as the Teaching Assistants. We look forward to working with both you and your child this term.
Things to remember:
Warm coat, hat and gloves/mittens
Book bag with reading books & Reading Record
Water bottle
50p each week for snack (or £3.00 for the term)
Our P.E. sessions will take place on Mondays. Please make sure your child has a complete P.E. kit hanging on their peg. We will return it at the end of term. 
We will go to Forest School on Wednesdays. We will provide your child with an all-in-one suit, but ask that you supply a pair of welly boots. These will be kept in school as we also use them on a daily basis in our garden.
Our library sessions are also on Wednesdays. Your child will choose a book to bring home for you to share with them. Please return it the following Wednesday.
We have a relaxed start to the day and are happy for parents to stay until 9:00 am. We find it helps to settle the children. We very much hope you can attend our Learning Together sessions. These are held on the first Friday of every month and parents are invited to stay until 10:00 am. You can find out what your child is doing at school and take part in some of their Learning Activities. 
If you have any concerns or wish to know something, please do not hesitate to speak to one of the Foundation team.
Useful websites:
Spring 1 Week 1
We have started the term with the wonderful book The Gruffalo. The children explored how to paint or make a gruffalo using playdough, paint or collage. We have watched the DVD and enjoy reading and talking about the story every day. Some children have begun to retell the story in their own words using the soft toys. 
In our Maths session, we have been learning what the word less means. We have learnt that to make a group of objects 1 less, we have to take 1 object away. Some of us are being really clever and can just say what is 1 less without having to count the objects.  
Autumn 2 Week 2
In order to celebrate bonfire night, the children make some firework sculptures. We think they are amazing!
It is incredibly important that children learn to recognise numbers. We enjoy playing target numbers at school. We have to say the number we want to hit and then throw a bean bag at it. The children love it! 
Autumn 2 Week 1
The children loved our spooky Learning Activities this week and dressed up and pretended to go trick or treating, made spider webs, made spooky spiders, moulded pumpkins out of playdough and counted spooky rats and bats.
The children have also enjoyed reading 'The Enormous Turnip'. We have started to learn how to put objects in size order and are beginning to use the words biggest, smaller, smallest and smallest, bigger, biggest to compare their size. The children have built enormous buildings and bridges from around the world and have been fascinated with our measuring tapes and are busy measuring anything and everything!
Autumn 1 Week 7
The children have been busy learning to write their names using their name cards and the speed sounds we have just learnt. It's a bit tricky - but we won't give up!
The children have also been busy finding out what happens in Autumn. They went outside in small groups hunting for signs of Autumn. Maybe you can go on an Autumn hunt during the half-term holiday and look for signs of Autumn too. Can you find squirrels, sycamore leaves, orange, yellow & brown leaves, berries, acorns, conkers, horse chestnuts and hedgehogs?
Autumn 1 Week 6
The children have enjoyed thinking creatively this week. They used paint, playdough, construction kits or just a load of old boxes to produce the most amazing models and pictures. 
The children also danced imaginatively to the music from 'The Greatest Showman'. What great dance moves!
Autumn 1 Week 5
The children had a visit from the Dental Nurse on Tuesday. She read us a story about a giant who eats too many sweets and gets holes in his teeth. She helped us to understand that some foods have sugar in them and that sugar is bad for our teeth. The children had to sort the food that is good for our teeth and the food that is bad for our teeth. She then showed us how to clean our teeth properly.
On Wednesday we invited our parents and carers into school. We read the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and carried out some Learning Activities. We also decorated some biscuits in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.   
Autumn 1 Week 4
The children had a fabulous time at Forest school this week. We sang some songs, hunted and identified insects, found interesting leaves, went 'fishing' in our pond, crossed a bridge and made potions. 
Autumn 1 Week 3
This week, we have been talking about the importance of sharing our resources and taking turns with our friends. The children are beginning to realise that it is good fun to play with and talk to other children. 
Autumn 1 Week 2
The children have continued to explore their learning environment and have especially enjoyed playing in our lower garden. They have enjoyed building, making music, dancing and exploring the sand. 
Autumn 1 Week 1
The children have been busy exploring their new environment and learning our routines. They have been building, dressing up, drawing, exploring water, manipulating playdough, reading, learning about numbers, jumping, throwing, hula hooping ... the list is endless!