Information about using the videos
We use the Read Write Inc programme to teach children to read. Currently, due to the Covid19 virus, the school is closed. So that we can help families to support their children with learning to read, Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Saffill have made videos for you to watch together. 
Speed Sounds Videos
A speed sound is simply the sound a letter makes. A speed sound is also the sound a group of letters makes, for example igh. The same sound can sometimes be made by different groups of letters as well, for example ee / ea / e-e.
There are 3 sets of speed sounds and we make sure the children can confidently recognise most sounds before moving onto the next set of speed sounds.  
Green Words
As soon as the children know some of the Set 1 speed sounds, they are introduced to green words. Green words are words that are made up of speed sounds and are easy to read. They can be broken into their sounds and then blended together to make the whole word. For example, if your child knows m, a, d, s and t, they can begin to read mad, dad, sad, at, sat, mat etc. The green words become more complex as the children learn more speed sounds. 
Alien Words
Alien words are not real words. These are words that have been made up with the sounds that the children have been learning. These words help the children develop the important skill of blending. 
Red words
Red words are tricky words. They are words that the children need to learn as they cannot be sounded out. By looking at and listening to these words regularly, the children learn to quickly recognise them so that they can read them fluently without having to pause and think. The tricky red words are split into sets. The children learn the red words for the current book band they are reading. 
Whilst the school is closed, we have access to online Read Write Inc books through Oxford Owl. These books will allow your child to practise their reading skills and develop their comprehension skills. Your child's teacher will send you a parent guide and a login so that you can access these books. 
What to do
Each week, your child's teacher will message you through Class Dojo to let you know which set of speed sounds, green words, alien words and red words to practise and which online book to read. We recommend that you read each set of sounds and words several times over the week so that your child becomes more fluent. Your child should also read and talk about the book several times over the week. This will help improve their fluency and develop their comprehension skills.