At Woodfield Primary School, we recognise that primary education is not just about targets and results in league tables, nor is it simply a preparatory step for secondary school; it is much more than that.  We want children to have a happy, memorable experience that encourages and inspires them to achieve in life and to aim to exceed their potential. 


We follow the National Curriculum as updated by the Government in 2014, yet take a cross-curricular approach to learning, making links and threading through important English and Maths skills wherever possible. The children are always at the heart of learning at Woodfield Primary School. Our Values are…aspirations, compassion, cooperation, determination, self-awareness, honesty, self-confidence, independence, courage, respect, responsibility and peace.


English, Maths and Science are the core subjects which are taught.  History, Geography, Computing, Music, Art, DT, PE, PSHE and RE are the foundation subjects.  Please see individual class pages for termly topic overviews.  


Children engage in a wide variety of learning that develops creative, artistic, musical cultural and sporting abilities.  Our curriculum is enhanced by a wide and varied number of after school/lunchtime clubs which are well subscribed; the school takes part in many competitive inter-school competitions such as spelling competitions, football and athletics.  A large number of off site visits- including residential trips for years 4-6, visitors and extra-curricular activities are provided to broaden the skills and life experiences of our children.   We have weekly music tuition provided by Plymouth Youth Music Service where children across both key stages have the opportunity to experience specialist music tuition from ukuleles to brass instruments.  We have strong partnerships with our local Secondary school who provide us with opportunities to use their facilities – our Year 4 class have used the DT workshops to create Viking shields.


The creative arts are important to us at Woodfield and we participate regularly in local events, singing, dancing, poetry performances as well as putting on class assemblies and our whole school annual Christmas Production. Our school choir performs every year at the Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carol Concert.


 The curriculum promotes strong collaboration and group working which we have evolved from Di Pardoe’s ‘Towards successful learning’ approach where children really get to know themselves as learners.  To further enhance our children as learners we have introduced Carol Dweck’s ‘Growth Mindset’ approach; a noticeable difference has already been observed in the children where their positivity, confidence and resilience levels have improved. This means that they are happier about tackling challenging questions to really take their learning to the next level.   Building on the growth mindset approach we are also teaching P4C (Philosophy for Children) where the teacher facilitates a student-led discussion on a philosophical question. P4C builds higher order thinking, questioning, speaking and listening skills and therefore improving children’s learning outcomes.  All of this dovetails with our school core values that were decided collaboratively with the children, parents and all of the school’s stakeholders. We believe that schools have a moral purpose and that we should encourage our pupils to become responsible citizens who contribute positively to society.  The above 12 values represent our school community and we will be working on developing our skills within them and promoting our values through everything that we say or do.