Summer term


Welcome to the summer term.  There are lots of events coming up like the Queen's Jubilee and school events like sports day. Stay in touch with Dojo and the newsletters to know what's coming up and how your child can take part.


We are thinking about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, following our interest in digging, planting and growing. This links to the children's increased time discovering the outside spaces and the garden area. The children are also following on from their brick building and making large and decorative structures like castles, which also link to our story. 

In addition, we are continuing with our Music project with Evolve Music and we are looking forward to following the children's interest as we build music into daily life at nursery. Please keep looking at Class Dojo for links to what's happening each week and the latest updates.

As usual, we build the planning around their interests and fascinations and we will continue to demonstrate the learning and interests of the children on Class Dojo.


Each week, your child's key person will be on the ramp at home time if you would like to have a quick catch up. We are aware that it's not the same as coming into nursery and we miss working closely with families as we support your child's development and learning through play. Don't forget to stay in touch with regular updates and messages through Class Dojo to see what learning is happening across the nursery. You can always message, email or ring if you would like to arrange a time to speak with a member of staff. 

We really enjoy this time of year with the children at nursery and are looking forward to exploring the seasonal change and learning together.


We believe in creating an enabling environment which supports children's early communication and wellbeing. We purposely choose natural resources, neutral colours and seasonal resources to support children's learning. We offer opportunities for children to access a range of textures of different weights and sizes to support their exploration of the world. The areas are carefully zoned so that the children can access equipment independently and return it as part of their play. Soft lighting, task lighting and natural light fill the spaces to support the zoning and create cosy spaces for children to interact and build their early language skills. We follow the Reggio Emilia Approach which considers the environment as the third teacher and that it's beauty is a crucial part of the child's experience.

Sensory exploration of the pumpkins have kept the children intrigued this week. They have been fascinated in the weight and moving them around. However, they are becoming softer, so we added the butter knives and allowed the children to discover what is inside. They used their strength, manipulative skills and their senses to explore. This engaged the children for a very long period and their involvement was high. We have collected the seeds to add to the playdough table next week.


It's autumn time in the nursery and we are busily exploring the weight of the pumpkins, the number of conkers and how we can use the fallen leaves for craft activities! We absolutely love the story of the Billy Goats gruff at the moment and have been so busy building bridges and retelling the story. The children are building their own bridges with the planks and tyres in the garden too. Luckily, the days have been dry for us to gather and collect the autumn leaves in the garden and we are enjoying the dim light that welcomes us in the mornings as the nursery glows with lamps and fairy lights, making the spaces inviting and special. Beautiful autumn in the nursery.

The nursery is embracing this Autumn weather. There are so many natural Autumnal resources and colours for the children to explore and extend their sensory development. The environment is set up to allow for children to build their independence and develop their opportunities for talk. I wonder what these resources will prompt for them next week?


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2019 - 2020
Here are a few of our favourite memories from 2019 -2020.  We hope you enjoy looking at the children exploring and learning in our nursery.

The nursery is ready for the week ahead. The 3 Little Pigs are still leading our play and building work. We have drawn our own pigs too. The Pip's room is set up for lots of circular schema that our 2 year olds are exploring at the moment. Lovely bit of sunshine to start the week and a chance for the staff to turn their attention to the garden area over the next few weeks. Here's o another happy week at Woodfield Nursery.

Curiosity is leading the children in their scientific discovery this week. The projector has been set up as a Learning Provocation to see what the children notice and we will observe them closely to work out what they are exploring. The children are using their whole body to work out how the shadows work in the space. I wonder what they will do next?

We consider very carefully how the children respond to the environment and often find that relocation a table or repurposing an area brings new life to the way that the children engage with it. We are keen to ensure all our children are confident mark makers and were interested to see such concentration and involvement of these 3 boys as they used a range of mark making materials. We noticed how they liked to stand at the table and worked in close proximity as they shared their mark making experience together.