Science Week

11th March 2019

Science week was a busy week at Woodfield. All classes took part in a space themed session with our governor Mr Gibbs. These included creating an alien for a specific habitat, designing and making parachutes and thinking about the different foods that can be taken into space. Some children even had the opportunity to visit the Tamar bridge where they took part in a range of STEM activities.

As part of Science Week, year six worked with our governor, Rodger, to create space habitats out of matchsticks and play dough. They had to create a sturdy structure in the shape of a tetrahedron to withstand the elements of space.  

In Year 3, the children enjoyed learning about the science behind why gilders glide! We used scissors, card, tap and blue tac to create our own!

Thank you Roger, the children really enjoyed themselves!

As part of our STEM week investigations, the children in the nursery have developed their curiosity about shadow. They have considered how their own shadows can move and change. They have led enquiry about how the shadows cast, change over the day. When the cloud came, the children shifted their attention to creating shadows with the lamps and the projector.

In science, Year 5 have been learning about forces. As part is science week, we explored using air resistance to slow the descent of a parachute. We tested different materials to see which was the most effective at landing our egg in one piece! It was very “egg-citing!”