Story Hooks

24th April 2018
Nursery story hook for Dora’s Eggs and Rosie’s Walk.
Year 1 had a great day reading and enjoying the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We planted lots of different seeds and made a paper beanstalk. Great cooperation and determination shown by all children. Well done Year 1! 
Year 2 zoologists having a great time at Paignton Zoo. What a great way to start our new topic and to learn about some nocturnal animals.
This term, Year 3  are discovering all about Yellowstone National Park in North America. They have found out out that it is actually an active  super volcano! here we are creating our own volcanoes. 
Year 5 went to explore the pond area and see what British wild life they could find. We also did a mini little pick out there.