Year 6's Greek Day

18th December 2017
Year 6 had their amazing, fun Greek Day. We were separated into two groups. We had a range of activities including mosaics, Greek Olympics and tasting Greek food (Yum!).
Our first activity was the Greek Olympics. We had sports including: discus; javelin, running races, long jump and chariot racing. We had so much fun!
Our second activity was mosaics and we made one mosaic in a Greek design and another in a normal design. 
After we finished our mosaics, we designed our our Greek vase (drawing designs on paper). 
After lunch, we tried Greek foods including: feta cheese, olives, hummus and pitta bread. Most people didn't like the food except the pitta bread.
Everyone enjoyed the Greek day and some of us even dressed up! It was such an awesome day!