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 Nurtured Spaces

At Woodfield our environments, both inside and out, are extremely important to us.  We aim to create a warm, safe and welcoming space for the children to work, learn and play in.  Following a ‘Communication Friendly Spaces’ approach by Elizabeth Jarman, it is important that we consider each area of the school from the learner’s perspective.  We use calming tones and natural materials to create and develop all the areas of the school.  We also consider the lighting, scents and soft furnishing to ensure that they feel comfortable and ready to learn. 

By creating small, nurturing spaces around the school it encourages the children to communicate with friends and adults effectively or to relax and enjoy a book for pleasure.  These small spaces are also great to support some of our more vulnerable pupils who can find a busy classroom overwhelming and need time to self-regulate.  They are great spaces to apply their Emotional Logic strategies to help them to recognise, understand and manage their emotions. 

As well as this, we are incredibly lucky to have an outstanding outside space and our Nursery and Foundation classes make the most of it.  In addition, you will also find all the other classes using it for a range of learning activities, PE, Science, Writing, Maths and more.  We also ensure that we use natural resources in our inside areas as well; plants and wooden resources fill the school.