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At Woodfield Primary and Nursery School, the teaching of Geography focusses on bringing the pupils together to explore the world around them.  We believe that the local context is vitally important to give our children an idea of Plymouth and the South West’s role in local, national and world geography.  Through interactive lessons that encourage oracy skills, children embark on a journey of discovery, learning about their local area, the wider world, different cultures, climates and landscapes.  By incorporating hand-on activities and technology, teachers create opportunities for students to engage with maps, globes and imagery to give them a sense of place and emphasising the interconnectedness of our planet.

Our Geography curriculum is deliberately designed so that knowledge, concepts and skills are built upon progressively. We believe that through the teaching of Geography, pupils foster a sense of curiosity as well as being equipped with the skills and knowledge for future success in an increasingly connected world.


Geography Rationale