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At Woodfield Primary, the joy of writing is encouraged from the first moment your child arrives at our school, whether that is in Nursery or in Year 6.

In Early Years, this is achieved through access to wide variety of writing tools and mediums, such as chalk, sand, paintbrushes and pencils, supported by the latest research on gross and fine motor skills, and linked to the child-led schema as well as the Early Years Framework.

As children continue their journey through year groups, our writing units follow the National Curriculum and carefully weave a variety of genres in which the children are immersed, supported by our progressive handwriting and spelling schemes.  Regular reflection back to prior learning enables children to remember more, develop as writers and where appropriate, assist with closing gaps in their grammatical knowledge.  This ensures that the content of their current year group is built upon and pupils develop a solid understanding of the mechanics of composition.

As well as this, the skills of editing and revising their own writing are taught throughout each unit so that the children become assured and able self-editors, who can use classroom resources to amend and improve their writing. 

Key blocks such as together; listening & talking, opportunities and learning from the Woodfield Way are all considered by staff to ensure that we develop successful, confident and creative writers.

For further information regarding our English curriculum, please have a look at the Writing rationale.