Forest schools

Forset School originated in the Scandinavia and has been widely used in Early Years in Denmark since the 1980's. It has shown to have a huge impact on their children's learning from an early age.
Woodfield Primary School is fortunate to have its own Forest School Leader and woodland directly behind the school and a small wooded area on its grounds, and has included Forset School in the curriculum for many years now. Over these years we have found it beneficial in the building of the children's self esteem and confidence as young people.
Forest school provides a safe outdoor environment for children to play, explore and enjoy nature's perfect playground, whilst they are learning. 
Children's imagination begin to thrive in the natural world; they are able to work among the trees, out in the fresh air and encourage to care for and understand the natural environment for later life, creating a sense of well-being and good health.

At nursery, we like to allow children to children to engage in calculated risky play that challenges their bodies and builds their resilience. The role of the adult is crucial in allowing children to access this type of play safely and still enable children to take part.