International Links

Since February 2017,  we have been lucky enough to establish a link with Hidayatul Islamic Primary School in Cape Town, South Africa. Miss Bond was put in contact with Mrs Mahomed, the Grade 6 teacher of the school. Both Year 6 and Grade 6 exchanged work through the post and email and worked on projects about gender stereotyping. The children of Woodfield thoroughly enjoyed the project work and we sent photos and videos of their presentations to South Africa to be enjoyed by our international audience.  
Thanks to a grant from the British Council, who helped start the project, Mrs Moran and Miss Bond had the opportunity to visit Hidayatul in October 2017 to meet Mrs Mohamed face-to-face, work further on the project and cement the relationship. This was a crucial and exciting part of the project. Both Mrs Moran and Miss Bond were blown away by the kindness, generosity and nature of the children and staff at Hidayatul who looked after them so well. During the course of the visit, the teachers from Woodfield worked with the children on the same gender stereotyping project that the children of Woodfield enjoyed so much and this made for a very interesting comparison. Miss Bond and Mrs Moran learnt lots from the visit, and the local community, and were very sad to leave behind their new friends and international school family but were determined to keep the relationship going as both schools have a lot to learn from each other. 
Then in May 2018, after a few months of further contact and exchanging of information, letters and work, Mrs Moran and Miss Bond were given a further grant and had the opportunity to return to Hidayatul and work on the long term plan. This time, their visit was shorter and mainly based around developing the teachers practice. Mrs Moran and Miss Bond worked closely with Mrs Fridie, the principal, to support her to develop the teaching at her school. The teachers from Woodfield were very well looked after again and were delighted to be involved in the celebrations of Ramadan - supporting the school in handing out meals to people in need in the community. Mrs Moran and Miss Bond were again very sad to leave our partner school but are confident that the international link is well established and will be fruitful for many years to come. 
First Trip
Upon return home first time
Trip Two
Helping in the community and training teachers - Trip Two