Read Write Inc

Read Write Inclusive Teaching programme (RWInc)
At Woodfield we use a synthetic phonics programme called Read Write Inc. to teach reading. This programme starts in Foundation and continues into Years 1, 2 and, for some children, into Year 3. 
How does it work?
* All children are grouped according to their reading ability.
* Children are assessed every 6-8 weeks and groupings change accordingly.
* Year 1 and 2 children have a daily 45 minute RWInc lesson.
* Foundation children have a shorter daily RWInc lesson, but this increases over the year.
* A few children may need extra support to make progress and they will have extra sessions in the afternoon, either in a small group or on a 1 to 1 basis.
What do the children learn?
* The children learn to say the sounds for each letter/group of letters using simple picture prompts.
* The children learn to write these graphemes. 
* The children learn to read green words by blending sounds together.
* The children learn to write green words by segmenting the sounds heard and writing the graphemes.
* The children learn to read tricky red words by recognising them.
* The children learn how to spell red words though practice.
* The children read stories which feature the sounds and words they are familiar with. They reread these stories to develop their confidence and fluency. 
* The children talk about the stories and answer questions in order to deepen their understanding of events and characters.
For more information and ways you can help support your child to develop their reading through this programme, please click on the link below.