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Physical Education

At our school, Physical Education (PE) is taught through a holistic approach that develops our pupil's physical, social, and emotional well-being. Our curriculum has been designed to offer diverse and engaging activities that promote physical fitness, coordination, and sportsmanship. These activities often include team sports, individual exercises, dance, gymnastics, and outdoor adventures. Lessons are structured to cater to varying abilities and interests, encouraging inclusivity and participation for all students. Alongside skill development, our curriculum emphasises the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, such as nutrition, hydration, and personal hygiene. Through cooperative games, problem-solving challenges, and peer feedback, students also cultivate essential social skills like communication, teamwork, and resilience. By fostering a positive and supportive environment, we ensure that PE lessons not only enhance physical health but also instil lifelong habits of well-being and a positive attitude towards physical activity.

To complement our PE lessons, we work in partnership with Plymouth Argyle to enrich the high quality provision at lunch times, after school and within the PE lessons.  Furthermore, we value the importance of offering a wide range of extra-curricular sporting clubs and support our children in taking part in Plymouth Schools Sports Partnership events and the Plymouth's School Half Marathon Challenge.

Physical Education Rationale